That's right, another aspiring videographer. The only difference is he has better jokes and less attitude.

Michael is currently living in Santa Cruz, California working at FortyThree PR as an Account Manger and Multi-Media Manager. at FortyThree PR, he directs and oversees all client-related video production, graphic design, animation and multi-media. During his time at FortyThree PR, he has helped the company build the multi-media department from the ground up. As an account manger, he oversees event planning, speaking opportunities, PR strategy and planning, media relations, social media and digital marketing campaigns.

In his free time, he is an avid gamer and rock climber. He loves cinematography, black and white films, trees and is a whiskey aficionado.

He is also not sure why he wrote this in the third person but he also enjoys breaking the fourth wall...on occasion.